🎹 Automatic Bass Chord Compendium


Battery Pack

The included battery pack takes 6 1.5v D-cell batteries, in series, for a total of 9v. It is swappable for the PP-1 AC power adaptor.

I believe this came with the keyboard, though none of the three I bought came with one, so I ordered one off eBay.

Music Rest

The metal wire music rest attaches on the top of the keyboard, and can be stowed on the bottom panel for storage.

Again, none of my 3 keyboards came with one 😭 I’m actively looking for one

Dust Cover

A vinyl dust cover was included in the box. It says “YAMAHA” in the bottom right corner.

PP-1: AC Power Adaptor

This 15W AC power adapter replaces the battery pack on the back of the keyboard, providing 600mA of 9v DC power.

It seems there are multiple versions of this power adaptor. One version only supports 120v 60Hz AC power, while the other supports 220-240v and 50hz AC input. The latter also has a switch to select which mode to use.

I’ll likely create a schematic for this power supply, but for now, here’s some component details:

EP-1: Expression Pedal

BC-2: Bench

L-1: Stand

S-1: Soft Carrying Case

SC-1: Stand Carrying Case

CA-1: Car Battery Adaptor

CA-2: Dual Car Battery Adaptor

YH-51: Headphones

TO-1: Tone Cabinet

PC-2: Connecting Cord

??-?: Hard Case